high risk merchant accounts

Businesses categorized as high risk should consult with a merchant account provider that specializes in placing these types of companies. High risk merchants focuses on setting up "hard to place" accounts. Many businesses operating online or by phone fall into the high risk category and are unable to be setup by normal credit card processors.

We have assisted in setting up numerous businesses with reliable high risk processing solutions both domestic and offshore. Many companies in the merchant account arena will claim to have high risk solutions but many of these processors merely setup high risk businesses with low risk solutions. The outcome transpires to accounts being closed and the merchant’s money being held.

Don't compromise the financial stability of your company by partnering with an inferior processor. Ground-breaking technology and high risk processing competence gives your company the competitive advantage to thrive in today's marketplace.

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high risk payment solutions and more

High Risk Merchants fraud scrubbing technology while also benefiting from our state of the art customer relationship manager, designed to prevent not only external fraud from customers but also internal fraud from your affiliates.

We process in the following currencies; Canadian Dollars - Euros - British Pounds GBP - U.S. Dollars - Yen - Australian Dollars - New Zealand Dollars - Swiss Francs - Hong Kong Dollars - Singapore Dollars - Swedish Kroner - Danish Kroner - Polish Zloty - Norwegian Kroner - Hungarian Forints - Czech Koruny - Israeli Shekels - Mexican Pesos - Brazilian Real - Malaysian Ringgits - Philippine Pesos - Taiwan New Dollars - Thai Baht

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